Microblading Course Beginners


What is Microblading?

Microblading is a method of applying Permanent
Makeup (Micropigmentation).
Microblading is carried out by manually inserting
pigment into the basal membrane of the skin which
divides the Epidermis from the Dermis. The colour
application is made by a sterile micro-blade, unlike
a cartridge needle used for machine methods.

How long is the course?

4 days of Theory and Practical work at our Academy split over 8 weeks. Home study also forms part of the course


  • 3 Days Theory
  • 4 Weeks Home Study
  • 6 Case Studies


Course Dates

16th/17th May 2018

17th/18th August 2018

20th/21st November 2018


  • £2395
  • £250 Deposit
Earn in excess of 20k per annum by year 2

What do our students say

We are delighted to have worked with such enthusiastic and motivated students here is what they have to say.

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